Our Values

What makes us tick

Our Values & Principles

We’re passionate about we do and the happiness and wellbeing of all our friends and customers. We know that you need to feel safe, respected and with like-minded people.

Please take a moment to read our essential values and principles:

  • Sexuality is normal – we embrace everyone
  • Complete discretion at all times (from written communications to face-to-face conversations)
  • We like uncomplicated naughtiness
  • We live the lifestyle
  • Absolute respect for self and others
  • Honesty, openness and trust
  • Never having to be told twice
  • Looking out for each other
  • Understanding that ‘no means no’
  • Quality service and attention to detail
  • Brave and adventurous
  • Expertise – all our venues have been personally vetted
  • Eccentric, unique, quirky, diverse
  • We like a challenge
  • We are energetic and enthusiastic
  • We listen

Our Boundaries

We encourage all kinds of naughtiness on erotic vacations, but we will NOT accept:

  • People who pester, don’t play nice or won’t take ‘no’ for an answer
  • People who don’t respect others’ personal space
  • People who don’t respect house rules
  • People who don’t respect other people’s privacy

Fun in the sun

If these values, principles and boundaries resonate with you and your attitude to the lifestyle then you’re our kind of person. We’d love you to keep peeking around our site and see what tickles your fancy.

Find some fun in the sun