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Upgrading the Booking Process

We would just like to keep you updated with the maintenance that we are doing on the website.

With our Blaqkooliscious Group Holidays we have decided to leave this as a manual process so if you are interested in coming along please drop us an email as we get a chance to know you and can introduce people who are also booked on the same group.

The individual bookings, separate from the Group Holidays is proving much more difficult to keep up with the demand and we have been discussing and agreed with the resorts the best way forward is for the resorts main booking in house system to be made available through Adult Lifestyle Holidays website and therefore you can book into the system directly and know availability and prices immediately.

Please do always use the codes if we show one as this will enable us to keep track and follow up on your booking and will give you added advantages, discounts and extras that we have negotiated for our clients. It also will enable your membership account so you can keep track of your holiday summary and any free nights that you may have collected.

We have temporarily taken down the resorts we feature while we are implementing the new booking system and although this is an inconvenience we know it will make things much smoother in the future. Please bear with us while this is being implemented and we thank you for your continued support.

If you do have any questions regarding any resorts please do not hesitate to email us.

Lisa xx