Group Holidays & Parties

Adult Lifestyle Holidays offers deliciously devilish group holidays.

The Blaqkooliscious group is hosted by Paulie Paulii and myself and we endeavour to bring the warmth and collaboration of good people together in a fun and funky environment.


Are you looking to discover a like-minded group to share some fun in the sun? Then come along to one of our pre-holiday parties and see what takes your fancy.

Pre-holiday parties

We host friendly, exotic parties with a first class posse at these great events, partygoers get to meet other couples and mixed singles that are tempted by a group holiday.

And after that, well, it’s up to you… Should you like what you discover and wish to take things to the next level, we can start to discuss our upcoming holiday destinations and resorts.

Adult Lifestyle Holidays negotiate superb reduced rates when we book as a group, so you’ll save on costs. (And obviously you’ll already know many of your fellow fun seekers from the party.)

We’ll let you know when our group holidays will be taking place and when & where the parties are being held, so please sign up to our mailing list to keep in the loop or keep checking out our Group Holiday Calendar for updated information.

…values and etiquette

Our pre-holiday parties also give everyone at Adult Lifestyle Holidays the opportunity to ensure that everyone is aware of our essential standards and expectations.

It’s of paramount importance to us that everyone involved in our parties and holidays share our values, understand the correct etiquette and guarantee appropriate levels of respect for yourself and others all within an ambiance of sensual, sexy and fun.